I am currently working all day Wednesday and Thursday and Friday                  afternoon, with a restricted number of appointments.  I am following all

        the guidelines set by the UK and Welsh Governments and the

        Craniosacral Therapy Association.  This includes track and trace records,

        and sanitising after every appointment as well as the wearing of face

        and shield.    


             Both the Alexander Technique and Craniosacral Therapy are gentle

        proven and effective ways of dealing with back pain, stress, old injuries

        and general mobility problems.  

            The Alexander Technique teaches us to become aware of our habits

        of movement and tension that interfere with our ease of movement.  It is                necessary to have a course of lessons to find lasting benefit.

             Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle 'hands on' treatment that is                              deeply relaxing and beneficial for many different symptoms. 

             I am an experienced Alexander Technique teacher and Craniosacral                Therapist.   


             I work from home in Roath, Cardiff.  There is good parking

             You can contact me at or 029 20481844.