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      I became a Teacher of the Alexander Technique in 1986, after completing a 3 year training recognised by the Society of Teachers of

the Alexander Technique (STAT).  I  have been teaching since then

and am extremely experienced in working with people with chronic pain, back problems, or stress-related symptoms.  


     I taught Drama Students at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama from 1989-2018.   And I have taught the Alexander Technique for BBC Wales, the National Assembly of Wales, The Older People's Commission for Wales,  and at various Adult and Community Education Centres in Cardiff, the Vale of Glamorgan, and Wiltshire.  In addition, I have run short courses for, among others, Wiltshire County Council, The Drama Association of Wales and the Sherman Theatre.

     The Alexander Technique is a well-known method of managing chronic back and neck pain. and 

       Back problems can be caused, or worsened, by poor posture, excessive muscular tension, and stress.  Practicing the Alexander Technique helps us improve our awareness of our posture and our movement patterns in all our daily activities.  


      You can find out more about the Alexander Technique from






An introductory Alexander Technique lesson will last 45-50 minutes.   Subsequent lessons are 30-40 minutes.  A course of lessons is recommended to have a lasting benefit.


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