Craniosacral Therapy is an gentle and effective 'hands-on' treatment.  The touch is extremely light and non-invasive.  It enables a very deep state of relaxation which triggers the body's own self-healing mechanisms and helps relieve symptoms at the every level.  

      Craniosacral Therapy is safe whatever your age or state of health.  Because it helps release shock it is useful after an operation, accident, or injury.  Its gentleness means that it offers support to those going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy or a very stressful time.  

       I qualified in 1997 from The College of Craniosacral Therapy, the most established college in Europe, and have been a Registered Craniosacral Therapist since then. 


      My area of interest and expertise is in working with muscular-skeletal problems such as neck and back pain or sciatica.  Additionally, I have a lot of experience in supporting those with chronic pain or stress-related symptoms. I do not work with babies or very young children but am happy to support mothers through pregnancy. 


        I am extremely experienced in working with the following conditions:


                    Back pain, sciatica

                     Muscular aches and pains

                     Chronic pain

                     Chronic fatigue

                     Depression and anxiety

                     Stress-related symptoms, insomnia

                     Frozen shoulder

                     Migraines, headaches,

                     TMJ or jaw problems

                     Bell's Palsy


         A Craniosacral Therapy session last 50 minutes.


         You can find out more about Craniosacral Therapy from: 






      Please note that Craniosacral Therapy is intended to complement rather than replace the relationship you have with your doctor or other medical practitioners.


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